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Posted on 23rd Nov 2010 @ 12.32 PM

November 23rd 2010

Peterborough Safety Consultants has expanded its team of consultants again by employing another two consultants . This addition to the workforce will help the business develop its already estblished product range, supplying small to medium sized businesses with essential safety, employment and environmental documents at a fraction of the cost. 

Please look out for the new documents coming online shortly.


Posted on 22nd Nov 2010 @ 4:24 PM

November 22nd 2010

Peterborough Safety Consultants Website goes live creating an oppurtunity for small and medium sized businesses to acheive high standards of health and safety management. This done through the provision of easily understandable template documents allowing businesses to grow the management systems at a pace they can afford using their own resources without the cost of employing the services of costly health and safety professionals. 

In addition to Health and Safety Management Peterborough Safety Consultants is part of the M&S Business Consultants Groups and can offer documents relating to employment and environmental areas.

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