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Updated online Asbestos Essentials for Non-Licensed work with asbestos
Asbestos Essentials online task sheets provide information for those in the building maintenance and allied trades on safe work with asbestos.  The suite of free-to-download HSE Asbestos Essentials task sheets has been reviewed and updated.  There is more emphasis on the importance of appropriate information, instruction and training. The sheets now indicate whether specific tasks […]

Case 411 – Safety pins on swimming pool locker keys
A swimming pool operator has removed safety pins from their locker keys on H&S grounds

Case 410 – Children at a school have been banned from eating pack lunches outside
Children at a school have been banned from eating pack lunches outside allegedly due to health and safety

Harrogate & District Health & Safety Forum – ‘Offence to Sentencing’ the process – Harrogate, 4 Oct 2017
This event aims to give you an understanding of the process which may be followed should a serious incident happen in your business. It will explain the range of options which enforcement officers can use in relation to non-compliance. It will give guidance on when and how a business can/should conduct its own investigation, the […]

BHSEA Meeting: Control of Contractors: the Law, Case Studies and Good Practice – West Bromwich, 11 Sept 2017
Meeting of the Birmingham Health, Safety and Environment Association (BHSEA), will begin at 13.30. The speakers for the session are Geoffrey Brown, HM Principal Inspector from HSE; Sean Elson, Partner from Pinsent Masons LLP and George Allcock the BHSEA Chair.

British Safety Council: Annual Conference 2017 – Health and safety: Preparing for the future – London, 4 Oct 2017
Aimed at Health and Safety and HR professionals, our conference will feature expert speakers such as David Snowball – Director of Regulation at HSE, as well as case studies and thought leadership sessions to help you and your business prepare for the challenges ahead.

HSL: Hazardous Area Classification – Buxton, 19 Oct 2017
This course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge to carry out straightforward hazardous area classification in accordance with commonly used standards or to act as an intelligent customer when contracting others to deliver this role.

HSL: Process and Fire Incidents – Buxton, 18-19 Oct 2017
This two-day course is designed to introduce delegates to lessons learned from a number of significant or high profile incidents involving fires or chemical processes.

HSL: Pressure Systems Awareness – Buxton, 12 Oct 2017
28This informative and experiential course is aimed at raising awareness of the hazards associated with pressure systems as well as the relevant regulatory frame work.  This course will offer delegates the unique opportunity to learn from real life case studies and forensic investigations into pressure systems failures, providing a first hand perspective of what can […]

HSL: Management of Hand Arm Vibration in the Workplace – An Introduction – Buxton, 11 Oct 2017
This course provides an overview of your duties under Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and practical guidance on how you can control and manage hand-arm vibration risks in your workplace.

HSL: Measurements of Hazardous Substance Exposures – Buxton, 10 Oct 2017
This course is designed to give health and safety professionals a clear view of how exposure measurement can help them better understand and control the health risks posed by hazardous substances.

HSL: Ergonomics – Buxton, 2-6 Oct 2017
The course provides the ergonomics theory and techniques used to maximize the design of the tools, tasks and workplaces for improved comfort, safety and performance of the workforce. The techniques cover both the physical and psychosocial aspects of a workplace design, following relevant HSE guidance and approaches to assess and reduce risks.

BAOHSF/EEN: Healthy Workplaces for All Ages – Promoting a Sustainable Working Life – Bradford, 24 Oct 2017
Bradford Occupational Health & Safety Forum (BAOHSF) and European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EEN) are in partnership in presenting the following FREE health and safety event.Because retirement for many is slipping further and further away it is important that companies manage the health and wellbeing of an ageing workforce. This event will […]

HSL: COMAH – Technical Aspects of Safety Reports – Buxton, 10-11 Oct 2017
This course discusses the technical section of a COMAH safety report which should describe the Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Modification of the COMAH site. The course covers the Process Safety, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Control and Instrumentation and Human Factors aspects which form the technical section of a Safety Report.

HSL: Slips and Trips-Falls Prevention – Buxton, 31 Oct 2017
This course will help you understand the causes of slips, trips and falls, and highlight successful interventions that offer a great starting point for organisations looking to reduce falls.

HSL: Manual Handling for Assessors – Buxton, 31 Oct 2017
This course will equip you with the knowledge to help recognise, assess and reduce manual handling risks in your organisation.

Workplace Health Expert Committee Open Meeting – Glasgow University, 10 Oct 2017
Admission is free and by prior arrangement with HSE. Spaces are limited therefore you must register your interest by 31st August 2017 if you want to attend. It would be appreciated if you would send in any questions before the meeting.

Recruitment of trainee health and safety inspectors awareness event
Have you got a 2.1 degree or higher? If the answer is ‘YES’ come and find out about what it takes to become a trainee inspector.

HSL: Practical Management of Local Exhaust Ventilation Controls – BOHS Approved – Buxton, 17 Oct 2017
The course will demonstrate how to successfully manage LEV systems in order to get effective, efficient, and reliable control of contaminants at least cost.

HSL: Human Factors in Accident and Incident Investigations – Buxton, 26-27 Sept 2017
This course is designed to give participants an impartial and pragmatic understanding (and experience) of some of the techniques that are available for investigating Human Factors issues.