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Health and Safety Advice, Support and Training

Peterborough Safety Consultants offer a full health and safety support and training services to its customers .

Health and Safety Support

The support  service provides a backup to the nominated competent person within your organisation. Many companies employ the services of an outside consultant to act as their competent person, this results in a consultant advising you without the real knowledge of risks within  your business.

The HSE prefer that the competent person is elected from within your own organisation in order to have the knowledge of the risks and be able to act accordingly. Peterborough Safety Consultants will work alongside your nominated person to utilise both the knowledge of current legislation from Peterborough Safety and the organistaional knowledge from yourselves.


Peterborough Safety have identified many of the common training courses that can be run internally by yourselves therefore saving on the cost of employing trainers, accomodation, etc. We have put together several presentations training courses all in powerpoint and as PDF versions for you to undertake yourselves.

Our VDU Awareness is particularly good as it is designed to be undertaken individually by each employee allowing the employee to work through the presentation at their own pace at their own workstation thus allowing them to relate the training to their workstation.

Training of this type normally begins at around £50/person so with our training courses starting at £25 the money is yours to save!!!