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CHAS Applications

Chas or 'The Contractors Health and Safety Scheme' is increasngly becoming a standard requirement by clients within the construction industry.

Chas requires a contractor to demonstrate that its health and safety provisions are suitable and sufficient by Providing this in various forms of proof.

Small to medium businesses may find this difficult due to resources or the fact that they do not possess the systems required by Chas. Peterborough Safety Consultants have developed  pack which includes all the procedures and paperwork required to achieve chas accreditation.

Chas State that they prefer employers not to use consultants to help companies acheive accreditation and this method does just that. All documents provided are easy to understand and just require completing to show evidence of compliance.

If all the systems are maintained your cha renewal next year will be even easier.

So, save time, money and increase your chances to obtain new contracts with this easy to understand pack.


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